She will be there

Repost for all the Momma's out there As you learn to hold your head up Mama is here When you giggle and cry Mama is here As you learn to sit up, crawl, walk Mama is here When you are curious but shy Mama is here As you learn to speak and eat on your … Continue reading She will be there


my pen (15)

My pen Writes Every day No limit Just words Meaning of words Rambling, random words Thoughts, hopes, dreams To do list even Using prompts Or not Writing stories, poems Writing mistakes and all My pen Could tell a story like no other Love Hate Homework Letters Scribbles Bills Doodles My pen It has a mind … Continue reading my pen (15)

the color yellow (14)

Unpopular With caution Warmth Sun kissed A new day Bright The sign to go play Fruits of sweet and sour Vegetables just the same Happy yet gutless A hue coming off a lamp Golden An important part to green Needed by a child to color the sun, stars, and flowers Underrated